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ABA – Frequently Asked Questions

The BCBA in charge of their case will discuss options for ABA programs but ultimately it is at their professional discretion on how many weekly ABA hours can ethically and realistically be requested.

Our Operations Manager who handles scheduling and allocation of resources to cases, Jennifer Lopez (yes, our JeLo, lol), will work with you on creating the most ideal schedule for you to the best of her ability based on available resources. We always strive to fulfill as many authorized ABA hours as possible in case because it is important to making a difference in modifying behaviors, especially in early intervention with younger children. We do require sessions of at least 2 hours minimum. It’s hard to make a difference in a session less than 2 hours its more equitable to our hourly employees. We like to keep our employees happy to avoid turnover. We also have policies for cancellations that each family must follow to retain services.

Yes, but ABA services must be focused on behaviors associated with these activities/therapies and not the activity itself. We cannot provide educational tutoring or any other types of therapy during ABA sessions paid for by insurance.

Yes. We have an extensive inventory of ABA materials that are available for all cases. We also have a budget for each case to provide specific materials or items that we don’t have. We do not purchase furniture or other large ticket items that we expect the family to provide if they desire it.

It depends. Sessions cancelled within 24 hours of the appointment may be charged to your insurance so we can pay our employees. Jennifer can answer questions specific to your insurance if you have them. We will do our best to reschedule sessions that are missed with you, but we don’t guarantee a substitute if the normal 1:1 Behaviorists on the case are not available at the rescheduled time. It is difficult to place a substitute on an ABA case that is not familiar with the case.

Every case is assigned a BCBA (Behavior Analyst) that is at the top of each team and time with them can be accessed through arranging an appointment. In addition, a mid-tier Case Supervisor (a BCBA candidate in graduate school, a BCBA program, and getting their BCBA field hours supervised by an certified BCBA on our staff) is also assigned to your case and is in charge of all the 1:1 Behaviorist assigned to the case. Either of them is a great resource for getting clinical questions answered or issues addressed. Scheduling, insurance, and operational issues can be addressed to our Operations Manager, Jennifer Lopez.

All scheduling, insurance, and operational issues can be addressed to our Operations Manager, Jennifer Lopez

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